Manifesto of the corporate body Young Responsible Artists


# The young responsible artists, in the following text simplified as YRA is a body of artists aged between 20 and 30 committed to a strict and conservative view of values.

The age can be chosen.

# The entry into the YRA is realized by signing this manifesto and is confirmed by the sewing on of a YRA-badge by a representative of the “Haus am Gern” or else by an older YRA-brother or YRA-sister.

# An YRA-membership is not reversible a priori.

# ”Haus am Gern” reserves the right to exclude YRA-brothers and YRA-sisters without giving reasons.

# The YRA are prepared for the choice of the criteria, the choice of the goals and the choice of the values. You can choose from the following selection:

  1. The experience choice
  2. The taste choice
  3. The passion choice
  4. The security choice
  5. The anxiety choice
  6. The compulsion choice
  7. The necessity choice
  8. The curiosity choice
  9. The experimental choice
10. The coincidence choice
11. The arbitrary choice
12. The tragic choice

(Only thus, in the face of the shore-less sea of possibilities that could dishearten is a first orientation to be gained, furthermore one which, if it proves itself in the following critical questioning and clarification, holds enough affirmative power to carry the “Self” over multiple hindrances of the choice in question of the process of forming an opinion to the realization of the choice.)
(Wilhelm Schmid: Philosophie der Lebenskunst)

# The YRA enjoy the marital stability of an ordered art.

# The YRA preserve an intact world.

# A YRA acknowledges with his signature and if necessary also in public the following statements:

1. I have the courage to acknowledge conservatism
2. I have the courage to acknowledge jealousy/envy
3. I have the courage to acknowledge auto-motivation
4. I have the courage to acknowledge negative thinking
5. I have the courage to acknowledge consideration
6. I have the courage to acknowledge severity
7. I have the courage to acknowledge concern

# The YRA value beauty and outward image.

# The leading YRA-criterion, that permeates the individual criteria and choice of which is obligatory, is the selection of the choice, which realizes the beauty and that which is worth affirming, for which the YRA can stand with his or her existence; On the other hand it is worth avoiding that which cannot be existentially legitimized. The criteria, which lead to this selection are in themselves a question of choice and also require a forming of opinion, which again raises the question for a meta-criterion which in this case has to be a conservative one.

# The YRA take responsibility for this meta-criterion.

# The YRA’s leap to the ropes.

# Every YRA takes on the task of winning a younger YRA –brother or YRA-sister and accrediting him or her through sewing on a badge.

# The YRA’s practice rage, by observing three days of rage monthly.

# The YRA’s exercise censorship.

# The YRA‘s recognize each over by the smile of the Mona Lisa and greet each other with a short YRA – hand sign.

# The YRA’s tend toward modesty and do not shun appearing to others as embodiment of folly.

# The YRA’s measure the quality at art events and mirror the result on their faces. The criterion for measuring the quality is their own conceit.

# The YRA’s presuppose prudence but not only.

 15. Mai 2001